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Creating magic with needle and thread

Published:Sunday | November 10, 2019 | 12:00 AMRasbert Turner
Fiona Gordon makes a wedding dress.
A swimsuit made by Fiona Gordon.
Fiona Gordon with a pair of slippers that she created.

It was almost a gift that caused Fiona Gordon to become a successful artisan using thread, needles, energy to work.

“I have learnt this art from my mother, who usually sews for a living. I would watch her sew dresses, and she knitted. She also did crotchet blouses, runners and other items. She is abroad now, so I continue the work,” said Gordon, at the Cassava and Culture Festival at Old Harbour Bay Beach recently.

She said that her business has evolved and the demand has widen. She said that her artistic strength have resulted in other items that she build from scratch.

“Over the last 20 years I have developed the skills at making sandals, dresses, swimsuits, earrings, scarf, hats, and even key rings,” Gordon said,

When the mother of four was spotted with several pieces of her products on display. Several patrons were in awe of her skills at preparing the various pieces.

“This lady is very talented and can really sew and knit for anyone to see. This is a lovely display of varying types of shoes and garments made from scratch by her, it’s all clear that she is good,” Lloyd Grant said.

Constant involvement

Gordon told Arts and Education that although she was not formally trained, her constant involvement in the art form helped to get her efficient.

“I realised that once you continue to be dedicated to what you do, then it must get better.

“I also realised that it is a team thing, with the suppliers Universal Cash and Carry and also Patels toall play a part in my business,” Gordon said.

She said that her aim is to take care of herself and to continue making authentic Jamaican clothes and shoes.