Sat | Feb 27, 2021

Kwame Bennett hopes to be an inspiration to young men

Published:Sunday | January 17, 2021 | 12:07 AMJamar Grant - Contributor
Kwame Bennett.
Kwame Bennett.
Kwame Bennett.
Kwame Bennett.

“You can’t change the world, but you can affect what happens next,” are words that explain the success of 17-year-old Kwame Bennett. With this being his philosophy, it is easier to understand the many accolades that he has received over the years. Bennett says he is a symbol of hope and “a breath of fresh air” for his family and the residents of the community of Sheffield in Westmoreland, where he currently resides.

Now an upper-sixth student and head boy of Manning School, Bennett likes science and is an aspiring physicist. He says he enjoys independent experiments and scientific investigations in his free time. It was no surprise that Bennett was placed in the top five of the national science fair and was the top CSEC performer of his institution. He was also placed fifth in the Caribbean in his sitting of the 2019 CSEC Integrated Science examination and has received many other awards for his excellent academic performance.

Bennett believes in hard work and self-conviction, which are qualities that he recommends to males in particular, and by extension, youth of the 21st century. “I consider myself as an example for males,” Bennett said.

He said males are affected by myriad issues that could be better dealt with by different authorities within society; however, he maintains that they should be resourceful and find motivation within themselves. “To those who don’t have much, be resourceful and make the best of what you have,” he said.

His devotion, focus, and determination keep him ahead of his peers. As a male ambassador, he is concerned that the roles of men have changed immensely in the Jamaican society. However, he maintains that there is always room for beauty in the ashes, noting that men are now accepting and handling their emotions better.

“While men are losing a part of their vigour, I think that what we are gaining is more than what we have lost, and that’s progress,” Bennett said.