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Victours’ home on wheels

Published:Sunday | March 31, 2019 | 12:00 AMMickella Anderson - Gleaner Writer

The idea of a mobile home was one that fascinated Victor Dixon greatly. “I’m a fanatic when it comes to transportation, and I’ve always liked the whole idea of having a home anywhere you go,” he told Automotives.

Dixon purchased his first RV three years ago. it was fascination-turned-reality. “Initially, I bought it for personal use to carry my family around and go to the beach. then I said, why not give somebody else the same experience? I realised I could probably turn this into a business and then take somebody around to see the island and have all the amenities of home with them,” he said.

Eventually after trying his hand here and there, he realised that the vehicle could be used in ever bigger ways. “We started looking into stage shows and productions, music videos and movies,” he said.“Before we brought the RV here, they (film makers) used to modify a coaster bus and put it on a set by taking out the seats and turning-it into a changing room or a makeup room. But the RV gives you everything in one vehicle – bathroom, changing room.”

Practical method

“It’s something new to the island, and we’re trying to get the buzz around,” said Dixon. “So far, we did Shaggy and Friends last year, and the response was good.”

“We parked backstage so he and his family could use it when they came off stage,” he said.

He stressed that the mobile home is the most practical method for persons looking to have the comfort and convenience of home right there with them on the road.

“What I’m thinking of doing now is to bring it to different locations and have persons spend like an hour inside,” Dixon said. “For the day, right now it costs US$1,500, and that involves petrol and a bottle of champagne.”

Dixon said that the driver comes with the vehicle although the customer may choose that the RV be parked and the driver leave and return when the festivities are over. “The fact that the driver has to stay with you doesn’t give you much privacy,” Dixon admitted.

For now, therefore, Dixon’s main focus is to capitalise on the entertainment industry with an explicit interest in music videos, which his company does from time to time. He mentioned Ding Dong’s ‘Cha Cha Boy’ video, which was shot on location in Mandeville, where Victours is based.

Complete luxury

With his second RV purchase, Dixon ensured that no screws were left unturned.

He told Automotives: “The new one comes with all the features of a house. There’s a king-size bed, two bathrooms, shower, washing machine and dryer, double-door fridge, Korean countertops, full leather interior, porcelain floor tiles.”

A true masterpiece, Dixon said that his latest possession would become the true showstopper. “In fact, when this RV came out in 2008, it was called the yacht on wheels because they had used all the things from a yacht in this vehicle,” he said. “It was so high-end that the company actually went bankrupt shortly after because they had made it so expensive at the time. However, they are now back on the market again.”

Dixon admitted to some setbacks that have been noted locally where this kind of business is concerned. He said, “The RV couldn’t go to some of the places because the roads were so narrow when we were dealing with a very special client.

“Also, unlike other vehicles that you can just park on the road and feel free, we have to consider people’s safety and can’t just park anywhere along the Jamaican road,” he said.“If you’re going to Ochi, we would have to find a safe place in Ochi, so right now, I’m working on safe locations where we can park, leave a family there for Saturday night and they are safe.”

For now, Dixon is promoting the brand by taking the vehicles around the island so that persons can view it in a bid to attract potential clients, especially production personnel and crew.

“It’s something brand new in terms of moving around on the road,” he said. “If you’re flying into the island, you can rent us, and we can meet you at the airport and we take you anywhere you want to go. all the amenities of home are right there with you.”

He listed DJ Khaled and Drake as fond visitors to Jamaica who he would like to target for a stay in his luxury vehicle. “People want it, but they don’t know we have it here in Jamaica,” he said.

Contact Victours on Instagram: @victoursjamaica, email: victoursjamaica@gmail.comor call 876-838-TOUR.