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Exploring the all-new Toyota Rav4

Published:Sunday | August 11, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Are you ready for it? Well, ready or not, here we go, cruising in the all-new Toyota R av4.

As I slowly approach this beauty, it’s hard not to notice how the look of the R av4 has changed, to a seemingly sleeker one while hinting at a little aggression with its larger wheel hubs and chrome double mufflers to the rear.

Let’s step inside.

The keyless entry has some improvements over the norm as sensors on the door handle allow you to open and close doors without actually pressing a button.

Now that we’re comfortably seated inside, we can quickly take note of the spacious interior, a nicely positioned display monitor (which is hard to miss), and a digital in-dash display of any and everything important that’s related to the vehicle.

Also, no need to look for the emergency handbrake in the traditional position as the cute lever is neatly tucked away beside the gear shift, which automatically releases when you move the gear into drive.

The steering wheel handles nicely, the ride is smooth, and cabin noise is minimal, the latter allowing for casual conversation without one having to raise their voice.

Also of note are two charging ports for passengers in the back to access, a simple but major plus for persons travelling with family and friends whose cell phones need constant charging. So no more fighting for charge as there is more than enough to go around.

Glancing through the rear-view and side mirrors, one can clearly see what’s happening around the parameters of the vehicle (thanks to the new ergonomics), and this is further aided by not only reverse sensors but front parking sensors as well. So there’s absolutely no excuse now for hitting or rubbing this beauty while parking in tight spaces.

The side mirrors, however, do not retract automatically despite such a feature becoming available as the consumer spends upwards of the basic purchase price. However, for a brand-new 2019 model, I believe such a feature should be part of the basic package.

While cruising on the highway, seated on some 17-inch alloyed rims, (the sport version sitting on some 18s), the ride was smooth as we were able to manoeuvre effortlessly through potholes. And as for the lumps and bumps in the road – no problem. I even dared to take the R av4 off-road, and the dirt and stony surface, were no match for the SUV.

Now here is the fun part!

The new R av4 comes with a two-litre engine, is available in four-wheel drive, and is complete with an automatic tiptronic transmission. But wait, there is more! Fun features like ‘Sport’, which allows just the push of a button to take you into high-rev mode, will certainly get your adrenaline pumping as you immediately feel the aggression that this sleek beauty has to offer.

‘You ask, and she answers... with an immediate response.’

What more can I say?

Driving the all-new Toyota R av4 was quite the experience – a smooth, powerful and relaxing drive around town.

The price for the all-new Toyota R av4 starts at around $6 million.