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Brian Turner not thinking limits

Published:Sunday | December 29, 2019 | 12:00 AMMickella Anderson - Automotives Writer

Just when we thought we’d seen it all after an exciting 2019 filled with uniquely modified cars, here comes Brian Turner with a big one to set the tone for 2020. It’s different and a little strange, but this car lover has decided that he’s not thinking limits. Hanging from the roof of his 2014 Hybrid Honda Accord is, quite dominantly, an entire chandelier!

We had many questions. For starters, is this safe?

“It is affixed in such a manner which will prevent any kind of harm,” Turner said. “This installation was done by Dapper Customs. If you dislike attention, then that’s the only discomfort you could get with this item as it often creates some excitement when seen in traffic.”

By Turner’s own observation, there isn’t anything else like this on the island. The inspiration to upgrade his ride stemmed from a passion for modified cars, something he has had for some time now.

“Previously, I had a 2009 Honda Civic that I was modifying; however, that vehicle was written off when I was just about to complete that project,” he said.“This unfortunate event motivated me to realise the vision I had then for that car. Also, I was inspired by a friend I gained via Instagram in the United States, Johnny Tran, who I benchmarked my car against.”


At the most recent staging of noted car show Heelz n Wheelz, Turner’s car won three awards – Best Custom Lighting, Best Custom Honda, and Best Custom Rims and Tyre. He copped second place for Best Custom, Best Interior, and Lowest Ride.

Over the two years since he has had the vehicle, Turner has fallen in love with all it can become, even naming it ‘Nicki’ because “it’s broad, round, and sexy just like Nicki Minaj”.

“I would say that I have one of the most customised Accords in Jamaica,” Turner said. “The feedback, in general, is that I do ... ; however, my objective for Nicki is to customise her in a unique and classy manner so that she is incomparable within the Caribbean.”

And he’s not done just yet.

“The car is currently in phase two of five, so a few more modifications are in store for me to realise the vision I have. I hope to complete it by December 2020,” he said.

He credits a host of individuals and organisations for helping him to continuously see his vision through. They are Johnny Tran, K&S Auto, Parsons Electronics, Rose Polishing and Detailing, HydrodipitJa, Dapper Customs, Shaq’s Electronics and Beauty Supplies, Cartility Auto Care, L.A.J Designs, LP Studios Exclusive, A. Wilson Garage, Honda Plus, Reliable Rims & Services, Goon Auto Services, and TL Wrap.

To keep up with Brian Turner and his hot ride, follow him on Instagram: @hybridaccord876.