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Absolute-ly fresh start

Published:Sunday | May 17, 2015 | 5:19 PM

Mr Absolute, also known as Shaggy Wonder, has relaunched his musical career..

With his new tracks, including More Sensimilla (a collaboration with Cocoa Tea), Plead My Cause, and Happy With Yourself, Mr Absolute heads to Florida next Monday, May 25, for a performance at the Palm Beach Jerk and Caribbean Culture Festival.

"It's my first show overseas since I'm back, so I plan to go there an' jus tek it," Mr Absolute told Entertainment Avenue.

He is also relocating his Miami Recording Studio to Ocho Rios, St Ann, and intends to open it within a few weeks.

The festival, now in its 12th year, is being held on Memorial Day at the South Florida Fairgrounds. It also features Beenie Man, Morgan Heritage, and Romain Virgo, along with Stone Love Movement.

"I'm looking forward to some good promotion from this because it's a mixed crowd, Caribbean and international audience, so I'm looking forward to start building a fan base from this," Mr Absolute stated.

The show signals a new beginning for him. "This is the relaunch of Mr Absolute. I'm getting the airplay in Jamaica, so I need to take it further. Even though I'm a one-drop artiste, I've done a few dancehall tracks, which I will start promoting shortly as I need to focus on the ladies and build that fan base," he said.

Mr Absolute is also scheduled to perform in Orlando, Florida, later this year.

Construction is on in earnest at Coconut Grove as Mr Absolute works to get his studio ready. "I'm building a studio for Ocho Rios - for this side of Jamaica, the north coast. I'm trying to get people from overseas to come here and work. Like the Japanese, when they come to Jamaica, they can come here and work. It will be

a full studio, with live music,

a recording studio with a nice environment, so people can come in and feel comfortable as they work," Mr Absolute said.

Using his Rhythmax Records imprint, Mr Absolute will be producing himself and other artistes.

"The artistes from Ochi don't really have a home base, a studio to work. When you want to find an artiste like Little Hero, when you want to find Prezident Brown, when you want to find people who originally come out of Ocho Rios musically, I want to build a home for them. This is kind of my dream I'm trying to fulfil right now," he said.