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Tadeo Jones 2: The Secret of King Midas | Bravery, sacrifice, love

Published:Tuesday | January 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM
A scene from 'Tadeo Jones 2: Secrets of King Midas'.

The most awkward explorer, Tadeo Jones, returns to the charge! After discovering a new city, Tadeo and his team embark on a search for the gold necklace of King Midas. Their adventure changes course when Sara is kidnapped by a millionaire who is also after the King Midas Necklace. Tadeo must now rise to the occasion, travel to Spain, and rescue Sara from the clutches of the kidnapper.

Tadeo Jones 2 and the Secret of King Midas is a follow-up to Tad the Lost Explorer, which was the most successful animated feature in the Spanish film industry.

The film features the voices of Michelle Jenner as Sara and Oscar Barberan as Tadeo, along with the incorporation of new voices such as Adriana Ugarte, Luis Posada, and Miguel Jenner.