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Kevy ‘marketable, mannerable, manageable’

Published:Tuesday | February 6, 2018 | 12:00 AM

More than once, producer Gussie Clarke utilised alliteration in describing the qualities which Kevy the Artist possesses, which have encouraged him to invest so heavily in Even a Gangster Falls in Love. There were three Ms - 'marketable, manageable and mannerable', a rare combination which has helped prod Clarke back into producing music.

However, it all started with a good song with a good title, Clarke describing his reaction when he received it in his email. It turned out that Kevy, who sat beside Clarke facing those who attended Monday's listening party in Anchor's main studio at Windsor Avenue, St Andrew, employed strategy to get the song across to Clarke.

"I pretended I am my own manager," Kevy said, to chuckles from the listeners. "When I got the reply I said alright, seal up the deal."

A 'p' could be added to the three Ms, as some patience was required to see through a project which has taken two years to come to fruition, Clarke noting that there was some champing at the bit.

Kevy, who is 24 years old, said he started out "singing gospel music in church, with the drums and all that". And while Clarke was immediately struck by the title and content of Even a Gangster Falls in Love, there was still work to do on the song's structure, renowned songwriter Mikey Bennett called in to work on it.

Although so much time, money and creativity have been invested in Even a Gangster Falls in Love, Clarke noted that "for me it is not so much about this song, but the next one following". That Kevy the Artist song is named I Will Follow You.

"For me it is all looking good. I am in it for the long haul," Clarke said, as "the next step is marketing."

- M.C.