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Sophia Brown recalls near-fatal accident

Published:Friday | August 24, 2018 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle
Sophia Brown

For the past year, reggae artiste Sophia Brown has been missing from the music scene. But her absence was not of her own doing. In July 2017, Brown met in a car accident - one that brought her to death's door.

Although her injuries caused her immense pain and saw her taking a year off from music, the singer is thankful that she is alive and has been cleared by her doctors to hit the stage once more.

Brown is not taking her blessings lightly. In an interview with The Sunday Gleaner, she recalls the incident that almost ended her life. She said she had just released a new album and was on the promotional trail when tragedy struck. "We had just released the album, and we were on the Experience the Change tour. Everything was going so great, I was in an upbeat mood and I never felt so energised and ready to do something," she said. She had just left a show and was at the steering wheel with two friends in the car with her. She recalls that a large truck passed them and it was so big it shook the car. They were joking about it, and the next thing she knew she was in a ditch. "When you get into an accident you're broken physically and mentally. You're lying on your back every day and you start to question so many things. You start wondering if the unfortunate event is a sign that you should give up music and that life," said the singer. Brown had to undergo two operations, one to her shoulder and one to her leg.

With a million questions going through her mind, Brown admits that for a brief moment she thought about giving up on music. "I actually thought about just quitting, but something inside me kept kicking me and saying 'you love music too much to give it up'. And so when all those things started plaguing my mind, I told myself, 'get up off your butt and put in the work in rehab, get into the studio, and get yourself ready for this again'," she said. "Some friends and family who were with me throughout that difficult time also reminded me that this was not the end of my journey, and I could use this opportunity to come back stronger than before."


First performance back


Brown's first performance back will be in Hartford, Connecticut, at the Lady Flava Award show on November 17. She will then head to Maryland on Thanksgiving weekend for another show. For the show in Maryland, Brown says she will need to be mentally prepared, as that was the state in which the accident occurred. "It's not the same venue, but it's the same state. This is the first time I've ever felt scared in my life to walk out on stage - apart from when you just start out and you have those first-time jitters. Going back will bring back all those memories, and so I have to be mentally prepared for that performance. But by the will of God, I'm sure I will be fine."

Pointing out that she is now a lot more aware of her mortality, Brown says she is grateful for the painful experiences she has had to overcome the past 12 months, as they have taught her to not only go harder in her career, but to put certain plans in place.

"I remember visiting JAMMS last year, and I remember they gave me an envelope and said to me, 'Ms Brown, write a will', and I went home and I threw it down. When I came to my senses after the accident, that flashed back in my mind and I thought to myself, 'if I had died, my kids wouldn't even benefit from my music'," she said. "I know as musicians and as people in general, we're just going about our business not thinking that anything is going to happen to us anytime soon. But we should remember that if anything happens, nobody is going to pick up our burdens, so we have to put things in place so that when we're gone, our children and our families inherit what we worked hard for."