Fri | Jun 5, 2020

2020 in style with Midnight at Bal Harbour - … Partygoers ring in the new year with food, fun and fireworks

Published:Thursday | January 2, 2020 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
Fireworks seen from Midnight at Bal Harbour.
Partygoers enjoy the ambience at Midnight at Bal Harbour.
Kemal Lawrence (left) and Adam Fernandez, one of the directors of Midnight at Bal Harbour.
Jermaine Brown, managing partner for Marquee’s Midnight at Bal Harbour, is flanked by the lovely Danielle Howe, communications specialist for Red Bull Jamaica (left) and law student Kelli-Ann Younger.
An abundance of the Christmas staple - ham - was on offer at the Grace food station.
The Appleton bar was a favourite with patrons, who indulged in their favourite spirits from branded mason jars.
DJ Jazzy T keeps the party going.

On a night when Kingston’s waterfront was transformed into party central, patrons at Midnight to Bal Harbour ushered in the new year in fine style. Women donned their best evening wear, paired with six-inch stiletto heels, while the men, keen not to be outdone, equally matched their ‘swag’. It was clear from the dress code that although competing with several other events on the night, Bal Harbour was in a league of its own.

A premium all-inclusive party experience was promised and that was exactly what was delivered. Food and liquor flowed in abundance, and patrons ensured they got their money’s worth by keeping those stations busy throughout the night. There was something for everyone as the tantalising menu featured everything, from pasta to jerk chicken to smoked ham to specially crafted seafood delicacies. And for those patrons with a sweet tooth, there was also dessert station complete with Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Aside from the food, the entertainment was also on par. When the clock struck midnight and the fireworks lit up the early-morning sky, it was clear organisers wanted to send patrons a message for 2020. As Machel Montana, Bunji Garlin and Skinny Fabulous’ Famalay blared from the speakers, the deejay relayed that, for the new decade, creating memories with loved ones should be everyone’s top priority.

A few technical glitches threatened to put a damper on the night’s festivities, but when a power cut halted the music for an extended period, patrons simply used the opportunity to share in moments of laughter as they chatted up a storm. Event director Adam Fernandez told The Gleaner that moments like those is what makes the event stand out.

“We really have a passion for creating and providing as premium of an experience as you can have on New Year’s Eve night. This year in particular was very special for us because we’re welcoming the new decade, and if you look around you’ll see that the people are having fun. Everyone is having a good time, champagne is flowing, it’s just great,” he said. “You’re on the waterfront with the biggest fireworks show in Jamaica on New Year’s Eve night, with an all-inclusive experience. I don’t think I need to say anymore. But, we put a lot more effort into our execution this year so that the fireworks were a lot more visible. We had more parking, [and a] shuttle service to the event because we want our patrons to keep coming and having a quality experience every single year.”

And while patrons in Kingston are offered that opportunity, Fernandez pointed out that he and his team ensure that rural Jamaica is not left out on one of the biggest nights on the calendar. “We also have Midnight on the Bay in Ocho Rios and that is our brother event, and it’s a part of our growing brand. We really want to be in as many places as possible, that is paramount to Marquee Events.”