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Hacks with Beau’ Chic

Published:Monday | May 20, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison - Lifestyle Writer
Unicorns vs Demons. Which eye are you feeling?
Starstruck by glitter. Flair approves.
Crazy for pigment. We are definitely feeling this look with the nude lips.
Let’s just call this look, ‘Bellona and Mars’
Hi, we are Flair, this is Janelle Dillon and you’re watching what?

Look into the future of beauty and one thing seems to be certain, each woman will have to sharpen her skills. Despite being confident souls, we love to add a little this and that to enhance our God-given flair, especially for an extra special occasion. So, we teamed up with Janelle Dillon of Beau’ Chic make-up artistry to bring you beauty tips each of us could benefit from. She has been cultivating her craft over the past six years, challenging all beauty norms by tapping into her divine creative energy to bring to life her clients’ wildest imagination.



The whiter the canvas, the brighter the colours.

You know how beauty gurus get vibrant colour to dazzle on their eyelids? They key is white. Cover your eyelid with a white liner or a white base to make any eyeshadow shade pop on any skin tone.


Testing new foundation

At times we are uncomfortable with using testers on our face because we aren’t sure who used it before us. However, Dillon advises us to always test the foundation on the face instead of the back of the hands because they usually aren’t the same shade.


How to bring the boys to the yard? Lip gloss.

Instead of buying hundreds of lip gloss shades, you can make your own by mixing loose pigments with petroleum jelly.


Matte brows

At the end of an eventful party night we usually want to grab a quick bite but our brows tend to look oily and ruin our ‘beat’. To avoid this, tap some translucent powder on your brows and use a spoolie to blend. This will have your brows living until the end of times. Until, of course, you decide to wash it off.


‘Tun yuh hand mek fashion’

If you somehow have an issue finding a specific eyeshadow shade but you own a wide array of liquid lipsticks, use it! Apply the liquid lipstick over your lid, blend it until it’s dry, and there you have it, an inexpensive eyeshadow. The world will never know.


Apply the fire

This one came as a shocker. Did you know you could turn a regular pencil liner into a liquid or a gel one? Yes, ladies. Just use a lighter or a match.


Winged liner just got easier

Place a piece of tape to both sides of your eyes. Apply your liner from the outer end inwards, then remove the tape. You’ve now created an awesome wing.


Check expiration dates

This one isn’t necessarily a hack but Dillon insisted that we deliver the message. Never use expired products on your face. They harbour bacteria that may lead to irritation or infections.


For more information or to book Janelle Dillon for occasions such as weddings, dinners, birthdays, parties, graduations etc, follow her on IG @beauchic_ja or call 876-798-3545.