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Flair Blurb Feb 17

Published:Monday | February 17, 2020 | 12:16 AM

Cover Shoot: Julia Barnes always wanted to become a teacher. But she was not a fan of being a slave to the system. So, she took matters into her own hands, merging teaching and technology to create and publish online courses. The author, life coach, entrepreneur and boss teacher shares her lessons with Flair.

Tickoya Joseph

We often hear about finding our passion, but how about expanding it? We spoke to Boss Teacher Julia Barnes about doing what you love and creating space and opportunities to empower and encourage others. Also, how many steps should your skincare routine be? The answer is three. Dr Althea Banbury of Skin Solutions gives us the right formula for skincare.

Krysta Anderson

We often hear the best place to find a good man is in the church. That was certainly the case for Danell, when her friend invited Tevin to her church. Read more about how they found love in a hopeful place and carried it all the way to holy matrimony in this week’s Island Wedding. Then, I share the lessons learned on life’s journey from Boss Teacher, Julia Barnes.

Jessica Harrison

Oilplaning facial? What is that? I did it myself and here’s my experience! Also, copper jewellery made beautifully? Say no more, August Adorn has got you covered.

Daviot Kelly

Friendship is a confusing endeavour. It is very easy to get lines crossed or blurred. I’ve assumed people were friends when they were really acquaintances, and those assumptions have not sat well with certain individuals upon revelation. My advice? Stay in your lane (figuratively and otherwise), figure out who your ‘real’ friends are, and stick with them. It’s simpler.

Rocheda Bartley

If you’re looking to tap into organic sanitary products, Women’s Haven Jamaica has an innovative line just for you. Read more in today’s Flair.