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Appleton Estate fired up for JRF 2020

Published:Thursday | February 20, 2020 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
A mixologist is nothing about without his tools.
Who knew that cinnamon could have such a sweet smoking effect?
Professional mixologist and award winning bartender, Randeen Thomas, adding final touches to the lemongrass daiquiri.
Appleton Estate Reserve Blend and lemongrass shaken and poured to create such a thrilling drink.
Appleton Estate Senior Blender David Morrison introduces the lemongrass daiquiri.
The lemongrass daiquiri is ready to excite your palate.
Two sensational drinks, one common factor: The Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, brought to you by the big belly bartender.
Thomas is looking foward to bringing the fire to Jamaica Rum Festival 2020.
Presenting the Jamaican Paloma, made with Appleton Estate Reserve Rum.

If you can’t stand this heat, then step away from the bar! Jamaica Rum Festival is gearing up to be the hottest and spirited you will ever experience. And since the highly anticipated event is a little over a week away, let’s get fired up by giving you a taste of the festival’s finest offerings this year.

To make this occasion possible, Food headed straight to the source, where the rich history of rum all began, for the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience. Warmly met by Appleton Estate Senior Blender David Morrison and JSAERE’s mixologist, Mr big belly bartender himself, Randeen Thomas. Both scheduled to present during rum sessions at the festival, the dynamic duo engaged in casual conversation about how excited they are for the event’s second staging. From there, they got down to business, sharing two amazing mixes, reserved just for you. Morrsion gave insightful knowledge about the featured rum, Appleton Estate Reserve Blend and shared the concept behind these particular mixes. “Appleton Estate Reserved Jamaica Rum has some amazing flavours that really and truly complement all the ingredients used here to make these mixes.”

Thomas bantered on as well, while muddling, shaking and pouring combined fresh ingredients in sizzling cocktails, all with a radiant smile.

First up was the Jamaican Paloma, a local twist on this classic tequila inspired drink. Appleton Reserve Blend and a smoking element of cinnamon were the key wow factors for the shaken not stirred drink. Playing on the oak from the barrel, Thomas explained that he burned the cinnamon, smoking the glass and concealing that scent and flavour until pouring. Grapefruit juice and lime juice accounted for the citrus profile, a tupse of ginger was added because “...ginger makes everything nice,” Thomas shared. Muddled to release the flavour, simple syrup made it balancing debut as it relates to the tart, to sweeten the mix.

“What I love about these drinks is that everything I’ve seen you use here so far are ingredients that can be found at home,” Morrison revealed, to which Thomas agreed, easily accessible.

A shake or three later, the show was over and it was time for the applause. Thomas received a standing ovation. Nice and spicy notes from the Reserve balanced with the smokiness of the cinnamon was amazing!

Next on the line up, the lemongrass daiquiri. Also found in home gardens, but limited to tea when it can be used for so much more. Infused with simple syrup as quickly as five minutes, the lemongrass syrup joins forces with Appleton Reserve Blend and lime juice, shaken over ice to create an incredibly tasty result. Following the garnish, a cherry on top, Thomas showed off his skills, adding more fiery effect

If you loved what you see here. Be sure to check out Jamaica Rum Festival 2020 at Hope Gardens for more blended history and excitement. The two-day festivities is set for February 29 and March 1 so make it a date and let’s celebrate Jamaican rums together.

As an added bonus, Morrison and Thomas amd challenging you to try the lemongrass daiquiri at home.


Lemongrass daiquiri



1oz of lemongrass syrup

1/2 oz lime juice

2 oz Appleton Estate Reserve Rum



Add lime juice, lemongrass syrup and Appleton Estate Reserve rum to a shaker filled with ice. Shake your way to a jolly time and strain that goodness into a cocktail glass. Sip responsibly.