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A Likkle Slice of Heaven

Published:Thursday | February 20, 2020 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Gleaner Writer
The home based company specialises in wedding cakes and more.
Would you have this birthday cake?
She’ll make the perfect cake for your baby shower.
Laing likes to be innovative with her products.
A Likkle Slice of Heaven is is renown for creativity and this drip cake stands true to its reputation.
Chocolate mousse anyone?
Chocolate covered strawberries make a great treat.
Simple delicious!

Sweet perfection, decadent flavours and peculiar creations! That’s what A Likkle Slice of Heaven is known for. It’s a small home-based bakery that’s anchored in St Andrew and keeps surprising dessert lovers with enticing offers.

Entrepreneur and pastry chef Rochelle Laing heads the sweet house that’s constantly pulling cakes, pastries and other desserts out of the oven. Laing, who is self motivated, retired from her day job to focus on A Likkle Slice of Heaven. Now, she has mastered the art and is winning over the palates of others who prefer more wholesome options.

“I love baking and that’s why I started the business. I consider my products to be luxury desserts and I go the extra mile to ensure that they are well made. I want to make sure that when a cake or anything leaves my kitchen that it fully represents me,” she told Food.

A Likkle Slice of Heaven offers untraditional custom-designed cakes for special occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and company celebrations. But that’s not all. The company is also available for catering. It’s also famous for its house buns that continue to satisfy customers and keep their taste buds alive.

The chef knows that she’s in a competitive field and so she strives to be different and stay ahead of the pack with excellent products, exceptional service and “top of the line ingredients.”

“Just as I care about my work, I care about my clients. I like to give them exactly what they want and even if they are not sure of what they want, I will do an excellent job to give them something that’s unique and creative,” she said.

A Likkle Slice of Heaven can be contacted 876-877-9329. Or visit its Instagram page at @alikklesliceofheaven for more details.