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Help baby Jazmin - six-month-old seriously in need of liver transplant

Published:Wednesday | September 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMJason Cross
Jessica Dunn with her baby at The Gleaner yestereday.

Six-month-old Jazmin Dunn is in dire need of a liver transplant, and with the procedure costing anywhere from US$400,000 upwards, depending on which hospital in the United States of America she is admitted to, her mother, Jessica Dunn, is pleading to the public for help.

Jazmin was diagnosed recently with biliary atresia, a rare liver disease that causes abnormal or absent bile ducts in children. Her parents' biggest challenge is sourcing the funds so that the process can get started urgently.

"She was diagnosed with that, and treatment for that is ideally a liver transplant, and they don't do liver transplants in Jamaica. We are in the process of contacting hospitals abroad, waiting on responses from them. We still haven't got an official estimate. From one hospital, we got a ballpark figure (from the) Johns Hopkins Hospital in Florida," Jessica told The Gleaner.


Prices far exceed US$400,000


She revealed that a Jamaican company had been rendering her assistance with contacting hospitals abroad to find the cheapest options to do the transplant. So far, all the responses she has received either reveal that they (the hospitals) don't do liver transplants for children, or the prices far exceed US$400,000, and none has expressed willingness to do the surgery at a discounted price.

Jessica best describes her feelings as stressed and depressed.

"Stressed, depressed at times, and trying my best to be strong for her," she said.

"I just really would like the assistance of anybody who could help. We have accounts set up. Any donation that we get, we appreciate it, and if there is anybody out there that has any contacts that would be able to help us, we'd appreciate it if they could contact us and help us."


Noticed yellowing of the eyes


When Jazmin was a few days old, her mother noticed a slight yellowing of the eyes and thought her baby had jaundice, which was also accompanied by a cold. She took her to the doctor and was told that everything was in order.

The yellowing of the eyes persisted, along with discomfort she said was obvious because the baby constantly cried. On her visit to the doctor for her four-month check-up, she was sent to the hospital to do tests, and the condition was discovered.

"When we came to the hospital, they did a number of tests, and over a couple of days, she was admitted, and a couple of days later, they did a biopsy on her, and then it was about two weeks later they got the result and told us about the condition," she said.

To assist Jazmin, special bank accounts have been set up and Jessica is begging any person or organisation that could help to please do so, to save her baby girl's life. Persons are being asked to donate to the Jazmin Dunn Medical Fund, which has local and foreign currency accounts:

NCB Duke Street Branch JMD Account #: 065055333. The USD Account # is 065055341. You can also visit to donate.