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Schools across the island to be outfitted with ramps to aid disabled

Published:Wednesday | May 2, 2018 | 12:00 AMCarlene Davis/Gleaner Writer
Latoya Harris, director of Donor and Partnership Management at the National Education Trust.

More schools across Jamaica will be outfitted with ramps to make them more accessible to the physically disabled, starting on Labour Day, May 23.

Director, Donor and Partnership Management for the National Education Trust, Latoya Harris, said the target is to outfit 130 schools across Jamaica with ramps to facilitate access to the ground floors.

The 'Ramps for Schools Project' was launched on Tuesday in Kingston.

"If persons are interested, they can always reach out to us. We haven't identified all the schools yet, so far we have only confirmed 75 out of 130, because the assessments are still ongoing, but hopefully by next week we will have that. It's really important to meet the target," said Harris.

Senator Floyd Morris had moved a motion in the Senate in March of this year, asking for ramps to be installed in at least two schools in each constituency.

Harris said, as a society, it should be ensured that everyone is catered for, despite physical abilities.

"It's about being an inclusive society, persons, no matter what their physical capability, shouldn't be denied access to an education. And if you think about Jamaica and where we are and where we want to be, we have to make sure that we cater to every single person, every single capability that there is, because when we lose persons, we lose them to things like crime," said Harris.

"We are trying to save a generation to change the country and part of saving the generation is to ensure that everybody is catered to."

There are currently 971 public infant, primary and high schools in Jamaica and more than 2,000 early childhood institutions. Of that number, 127 primary and 33 high schools have been fitted with ramps to provide access to the physically challenged.

The 'Ramps for Schools Project' will commence on Labour Day, May 23, at the St Ann's Bay Infant School in St Ann. The project will run for a period of one year. It will cost approximately $1.5 million per school to install the ramps.






Clarendon Central

- Denbigh Primary

- Denbigh High

Clarendon North Central

- Beulah All Age (Infant Dept)

- Mount Liberty Primary

Clarendon North Western

- Alston High

- Frankfield Primary and Infant

Clarendon Northern

- McNie All Age

- James Hill Primary

Clarendon South Eastern

- Bustamante High

- Free Town Primary

Clarendon South Western

- Race Course Primary

- Watsonton Primary




Hanover Eastern

- Merlene Ottey High

- Knockalva Agricultural High

Hanover Western

- Esher Primary

- Lucea Infant




Kingston Central

- Jessie Ripoll Primary

- Calabar Primary, Junior High and Infant

Kingston Eastern & Port Royal

- Windward Road Primary & Junior High

- Holy Rosary Primary

Kingston Western

- Tivoli Gardens High

- St Aloysius Primary




St Andrew East Rural

- Harbour View Primary

St Andrew North Central

- Constant Spring Primary & Junior High

- Swallowfield Primary & Junior High

St Andrew North Eastern

- New Day Primary & Junior High

St Andrew West Central

- Dupont Primary & Infant

- St Judes Primary

- Drews Avenue Primary & Infant

- Penwood High




Manchester Central

- Belair High

- Victor Dixon High




Portland Eastern

- Norwich Primary

Portland Western

- Charles Town Primary

- Windsor Castle All Age




St Catherine Central

- Eltham Park Primary

- Eltham Infant

St Catherine East Central

- Naggo Head Primary

St Catherine Eastern

- Spanish Town Infant

- White Marl Primary & Junior High

St Catherine North Central

- Tulloch Primary

- Crescent Primary

St Catherine North Eastern

- Lucky Valley Primary

- York Street Primary

St Catherine North Western

- Jericho Primary

St Catherine South Central

- Homestead Primary

St Catherine South Eastern

- Portsmouth Primary

St Catherine South Western

- Old Harbour Primary

St Catherine Southern

- Belmont Park Primary

St Catherine West Central

- Ewarton Primary

- Friendship Primary




St Ann North Eastern

- St Ann's Bay Infant

St Ann North Western

- Runnaway Bay All Age

- Brown's Town Primary

St Ann South Eastern

- Ferncourt High

- Golden Grove All Age

St Ann South Western

- Mount Moriah Primary & Infant

- Lime Tree Gardens Primary & Infant




St Elizabeth North Eastern

- St Elizabeth Technical High

St Elizabeth North Western

- Lacovia High

St Elizabeth South Eastern

- Nain Primary & Junior High

St Elizabeth South Western

- Black River Primary & Infant




Trelawny Northern

- Granville Primary

Trelawny Southern

- Albert Town High




St Mary South Eastern

- Enfield Primary & Junior High

St Mary Western

- Oracabessa High




St Thomas Eastern

- Golden Grove Primary & Infant

St Thomas Western

- Easington Primary




St James Central

- Barracks Road Primary

St James East Central

- Sudbury All Age

St James North Western

- Chetwood Memorial Primary

St James Southern

- Bickersteth Primary and Infant

St James West Central

- Granville All Age




Westmoreland Central

- Unity Primary

Westmoreland Eastern

- New Hope Primary & Junior High

Westmoreland Western

- Grange Hill High