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Negative talk causes hurricanes, Portland resident

Published:Saturday | June 23, 2018 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin/Gleaner Writer
Marlon Burke of Ginger House in Portland is prepared to evacuate his home if a dangerous hurricane approaches.
Shawn Witter, a resident of Ginger House in Portland, thinks that a positive attitude can deter natural disasters.

Shawn Witter is of the opinion that Jamaica can be spared devastation during the hurricane season if the population thinks positively.

Speaking recently with The Gleaner during its community hurricane round-up, the resident of Ginger House in Portland argued that despite people's best efforts, nothing would stop the impact of a natural disaster if it is supposed to happen.

"I remember how terrible Gilbert was. But I am still not going overboard with the preparation, because how I look at life, what is to happen will happen. I believe people just call down things on themselves. I am not looking for anything," Witter told The Gleaner.

"We have to think positively; so, I am not looking for any rain. The last time I did everything - baton down, get food and other supplies- but I still got a lot of damage," he continued.

Witter also said that evacuation was the last option on his list as he wanted to ensure that he was around to protect his appliances and other materials.

"I'm not leaving my yard. If I leave and the house top blows off, what is going to happen to my things? So I rather stay and make sure that my things are protected. If the house is damaged, it's just so things go; but I'm not leaving my house," Witter declared.

In contrast, Marlon Burke who is also from the Ginger House community, was more cautious.

"I'm worried because a hurricane is a very dangerous thing. If I have to leave my house, I will leave. If it is only the rain, it's not so bad. But if we get a lot of wind, it wouldn't be so safe," Burke argued. "The clothes and the things can go but my life is very important. I have to secure my life," he said.