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Violence, robberies prompt meeting of principals

Published:Monday | October 1, 2018 | 12:00 AMJason Cross

A recent spate of robberies and violence against schoolchildren has prompted a meeting today of the heads of some Kingston high schools at St George's College. The meeting will include representatives from schools in and around Central Kingston, such as Kingston College, St George's, Clan Carty, Wolmer's Boys and Girls.

Just last week, The Gleaner posted a video of a Kingston College student being robbed by two males on North Street. Unconfirmed reports are that the robbers could be students from a nearby school, however, the police are investigating.

"We will be discussing issues related to student safety on North Street in particular, with robberies. From what I understand from colleague principals, this is not limited to North Street," principal of St. George's College, Margaret Campbell, told The Gleaner yesterday. 

"There are persons who prey on students and rob them of cell phones and money, for a number of years. Unfortunately, there are a few persons from some communities who are not so nice." 

She continued: "During a recent incident, a student from one school brushed against another. The other student took offence and wanted to fight. The next week he returned with a group of studentjs who beat him badly. He went to hospital and was released."

She said today's meeting will bring to light the concerns of the students and possible solutions.

"When we think about what society teaches them, they are taught to be aggressive in response to any front or disrespect. With the help of the media, we want to say to communities, protect our students. Let us end the cycle of aggression and violent reprisals," said the principal.