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Kerosene fear! - Father determined to prevent children from drinking chemical which nearly killed him

Published:Thursday | November 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Persons form a line as they wait to purchase kerosene.

At 50 years old, Arnold Robins* said he is protective almost to the point of paranoia over his three children, because of the trauma he endured at age five when he put a bottle with kerosene oil to his head.

"I used to love the smell and I was around one day and just decided to drink it. My mother was at work and my older siblings were around, but I went to a little corner by myself," said Robins.

He said having ingested the kerosene he felt like his stomach was on fire.


Hospitalised for three weeks


According to Robins, he was given sugar and water to drink and rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies, where he was admitted for three weeks.

"It is a very dangerous practice, especially when you are dealing with children. The regulatory body should at least ensure that there are certain guidelines and even sanctions governing the sale.

"In my situation, it must have been God alone who spared my life. People in similar circumstances have died," said Robins.

* Name changed on request.