Wed | Sep 30, 2020

Mitchell canvassing for the love of Labourites

Published:Saturday | August 15, 2020 | 12:25 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston/Gleaner Writer
Patrick Mitchell (right) and fellow Jamaica Labour Party supporter Kemeila Ewers hanging out an event in Mandeville.
Patrick Mitchell (right) and fellow Jamaica Labour Party supporter Kemeila Ewers hanging out an event in Mandeville.

There are some supporters who are always expecting compensation for work on the campaign trail.

Patrick Mitchell is not one of them.

Mitchell, who is a supervisor, sits on the management committee and is also a delegate involved in on-the-ground work for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) since 2002.

He has dedicated a lot of his time as a runner for Rudyard Spencer, former member of parliament for Clarendon South East.

“I personally don’t vote because I get handout. If you ask my family, I have never asked any MP for a dime,” he told The Gleaner.

Mitchell, a father of four, said that even when he has challenges meeting the needs of his family, he doesn’t see it fit to request any form of assistance.

“I am seeking help for other children in the community of Longville Park, where I live, and trying to get their needs met, while figuring out how I will meet my own children’s needs,” the political loyalist said.

For Mitchell, it’s all about the love, so there isn’t any need to sweeten the pot.

It hasn’t been an easy road, though.

Mitchell said that he has been called on to make a lot of sacrifices, as he juggles being a full-time worker and full-time dad while building out political support for his party on the ground.

“It is a good thing I have an understanding wife and I try to ensure that I find the time to go over my children’s schoolwork,”said Mitchell, who is anticipating the September 3 date for the general election.

“To be honest, I do this because I personally see the JLP as the party that have better governance. Yes, you have things that are not right, but when you check it out from as far back as I can remember it is effective from Seaga days, they get things done and that’s the main reason,” he said.

Now that he is working alongside Pearnel Charles Jr, Mitchell said the transition from Spencer has been smooth. Mitchell said that he is happy to be working with a younger and more energetic person.

Come Thursday, September 3, Mitchell said he is looking forward to the re-election of Charles Jr and vows to find “every single voter and make sure they get them out on the day to cast their vote”.