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Who was ‘Bunwaist’? - Residents recount evil past of alleged community terrorist

Published:Tuesday | September 29, 2020 | 12:15 AM
Shavaughn ‘Bunwaist’ Johnson.
Shavaughn ‘Bunwaist’ Johnson.

Before his death, not many residents would openly speak of 28-year-old Shavaughn ‘Bunwaist’ Johnson, but since his demise, they recall that as early as his teenage years, his “evil tendencies” were exhibited.

And as such, according to those with knowledge of the incident last Friday in which police Constable Kemar Francis, 27, was shot to death, there was not much hope for the unsuspecting lawman and his sole partner to defend themselves, having responded to a call of loud music in the face of known cruelty.

Johnson was cut down by said police mere hours after celebrating his 28th birthday and moments after he, being part of an alleged group, shot and killed Constable Francis.

“Him cruel. Him is a evil boy,” a resident younger than Johnson told The Gleaner. “I remember when we younger and ‘Bunwaist’ dig a hole in the community and bury couple dogs alive because him say they were making too much noise at his head. A wicked boy.”

The Gleaner viewed cell phone footage of a seemingly intoxicated Johnson partying up a storm last Friday night, singing along to a song called Guard Ring while signalling his spiritual protection to patrons on hand.

That video has reached the eyes of the police.

“Him luck run out ... ‘bout him guard up,” an officer told The Gleaner.

Investigators say that Johnson was known to the police for his influence within the Spade Corner gang.

Killings and shootings

The Gleaner understands that he has been fingered in several killings and shootings in the space, but because of the fear factor, persons were hesitant to give information to the police.

“All innocent people him kill. Him response fi a baller youth name Roja aka ‘Messi’ death from 2017. Him shoot up ‘round so and ‘round so ... . All him family dem and friends fear him,” a male resident said.

Another resident also told our news team that shortly before Friday’s fatal incident, Johnson allegedly brandished a firearm at an event and told some patrons to leave.

“Yes, is like him know him a go dead. Him see ... and ... in the party and tek out him strap (gun) and say informer must lift up before him do things,” the resident told our news team.

The Gleaner understands that he was also the subject of an ugly internal family conflict.

“Him evil. Him go a him cousin yard one night and knock him up, change up his voice, and a call out the cousin,” a resident said. “Is a good thing him never come out or you woulda hear’bout it.”

The Gleaner gathered that the firearm used to kill Constable Francis has not been retrieved. Sources said it was hidden by residents, some of whom attempted to assist the injured Johnson to hospital after he momentarily evaded the cops.

“Dem same one have the gun. You know [how] the system ting go ... . Machine affi secure. You nuh see the police dem can’t find it? Dem say dem a look fi other men ... . A must the strap dem looking for ... ,” The Gleaner was told.

“People was trying to put him in a vehicle fi go hospital, but a radio car drive down and who run, run ... . Same place him pronounce,” a resident told our news team.

Even in death, however, some residents are hailing Johnson.

“Him go out like a real top man ... . Him live him life and him face it, and see it deh, a nuh him alone drop ... . Mi nah say di police did fi dead ‘cause a him work him a do, but you know dem a go say him ting tuff. A regular police murder gunman,” a woman said, showing The Gleaner the lens through which some inner-city elements would look at Johnson’s demise.

There were also some residents who were glad to see the back of Johnson.

“From him deh ‘bout, no peace no deh ‘bout ... . Him love chuck it (badness). All when others say no, him ready. Him evil and just make the place dark. No more loose ting nuh suppose to gwan ... ,” one woman said. “Look how him dead on his birthday. Dat mean say from him born, him did fi dead – no use to society. Sadly, you have a ‘Bunwaist’ in a every garrison.”

Efforts to speak with commanding officer for the St Andrew South Division Wayne Cameron proved futile. Several calls to his phone went unanswered.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Constable Francis’ death brings to four the number of police officers killed in the line of duty since June.

Commissioner of Police Antony Anderson called for the continued support of citizens and various state agencies to fix the nation’s crime problem.