Sat | Feb 16, 2019

Let JDF take charge of Riverton

Published:Monday | August 13, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I suspect that the Riverton dump, were it temporarily run by the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), would be managed in a far more efficient and effective way than it has been.

Over the decades, way too many fires have engulfed the site, followed by expensive clean-up efforts. Tractor rentals are not cheap. The JDF has proved efficient and effective in relation to providing the nation with extra security, assisting with clean-up efforts, repairing downed electrical posts, and distributing food and household supplies in the wake of natural disasters of one kind or another.

During general elections and states of emergency, the JDF has been a valuable asset to the nation.

The Riverton dump needs the kind of security apparatus and logistical efficiency that only the JDF can provide until the site can be transformed into an effectively run landfill and waste-to-energy resource.