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Outdated rules should be scrapped

Published:Sunday | August 12, 2018 | 12:00 AM



We have a tendency in Jamaica to major in the minor.

I am very pleased that the prime minister has seen the need to suspend, and I hope, after review, remove this stupid practice of preventing access to government facilities because of a dress code.

I have seen this stupid rule being enforced even at hospitals. These are public facilities paid for by the taxes of Coronation Market vendors and others across the social strata of Jamaica. Who are we protecting anyway, and from what?

Is someone telling me that if a mother rushes from Hellshire Beach in an emergency situation with her child and the mother is clad in a bikini outfit because of the urgency of the situation, that she will be denied access? God forbid.

Do these self-righteous folks go to beaches or do they just sit around their private pools and pontificate?

There are many reasons why there is a deluge of Jamaicans hiking to Liguanea to be emancipated not only from lack of opportunities, but stupid policies that tax productivity and impede progress.

I believe in rules, but some are just simply anachronistic.