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Make way for JLP attack dog in the Senate, Mayor Williams

Published:Wednesday | April 17, 2019 | 12:18 AM


I know it is constitutional for a senator to serve out his/her term, no matter what. Opposition Senator Noel Sloley, last Sunday, made a masterful move by making way for Dr Andre Haughton. Right now, the People’s National Party basically added intellects and attack dogs by appointing Dr Andre Haughton and reappointing Damion Crawford. If Lambert Brown and K.D. Knight are giving so much trouble, imagine these four playing tag team partners!

We currently have two councillors as senators on the Government side. I believe that is just too many, although under Bruce Golding and Portia Simpson Miller we had two councillors on the Government side.

We currently have Mayor Delroy Williams and Charles Sinclair. I believe, in the best interest of the party, one of the two should make way for an attack dog.

I know many will automatically say Charles Sinclair should be the one to make that decision, but I strongly disagree. At least, I hear his voice re the states of emergency, but I don’t hear Delroy Williams on any issue in the Senate.

I believe Williams is only in the Senate due to precedent. The mayor of Kingston and St Andrew is seen as the number one councillor and mayor in Jamaica, hence that person always enters the Senate automatically. Also, Williams is Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ councillor.

The Government only has two attack dogs in the Senate. Matthew Samuda and Kerensia Morrison alone can’t manage K.D. Knight, Lambert Brown, Damion Crawford and now Andre Haughton. The Government needs another attack dog.

We already have Ruel Reid’s Senate seat vacant, which is likely to be filled by a legal mind or intellect, who isn’t into the combative thing.


Ocho Rios, St Ann