Fri | Feb 26, 2021

Stop murdering our children

Published:Thursday | April 18, 2019 | 12:29 AM


I keep seeing on social media that our babies are going missing each day, and yet our Jamaican law enforcement as well as those in the political system are not doing anything about this matter.

I always tell myself that no one wants their child, mother or any member of their family to go missing without a trace. And if this was to happen to a family member of a politician, you would see how quickly they would act. We need to bring urgent solutions and strategies to the table to deal with this problem.

This is our home and we need to protect, serve and honour our people. We can’t continue like this.

Right now, I am so cut up about the death of this eight-year-old child earlier this week and she is not mine. And there are many more out there, babies and teens, who are missing from home.

We need more action and less talk.

We need to protect our children from these parasites who are destroying our future.