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Peppers’ customer service not hot at all!

Published:Tuesday | August 20, 2019 | 12:11 AM


On Emancipation Day, I decided take my friends out for drinks and dinner, so I chose to go to Peppers on Leader Avenue in Montego Bay. I liked the location, so upon entering the gate, I headed for the bar.

We ordered cold Heinekens and proceeded to catch up on our emails while we waited. Occasionally, I checked my watch and looked up at the bartender, who was busy making blended drinks, but no Heineken for me.

Fifteen minutes later, I signalled to the bartender, who did not even bother to acknowledge my request. I saw a waitress at a nearby table and explained my situation. She spoke to the bartender, who walked over to me and said, “Boss, you have to go to the cashier. Go buy you ticket before you get the Heineken.”

I was so disappointed at the remark that I got out of my seat, walked over to my friends, and left the venue. If this is the level of service that this proprietor expects persons who are accustomed to world-class service to pay for, I am sure they do not know what attracts customers.

I believe this place has potential, but a lot needs to be done to raise the standard of service. Customers go out to eat because they want to be served and feel special in a friendly environment. It is your job to ensure that your staff deliver the best customer service at all times. This ensures repeat customers and new customers based on word-of-mouth advertisement.