Fri | Jan 22, 2021

Civil servants’ extended work hours

Published:Thursday | December 5, 2019 | 3:48 AM


Why haven’t the unions or the Jamaica Civil Service Association deal with the fact that civil servants work more than 40 hours during the five-day workweek?

Civil servants who are not eligible for flexi-time must endure more expenses, more danger, more fatigue. note that there are fewer daylight hours during the fall to winter seasons.

The extended hours affect workers (junior staff) who travel long distances to and from work and who may wish to return to school, but are not allowed time off to do so.

The extra time these workers spend at work prohibit them from arriving on time at school, or at all, because of attendant issues such as excessive traffic, family concerns, and our deficient transport system.

Shouldn’t this matter be urgently addressed?

Concerned Citizen