Fri | Feb 26, 2021

The disappearing Internet

Published:Thursday | February 20, 2020 | 12:14 AM


Modern technology and economic growth and development are intrinsically linked.

How, then, will Jamaica achieve its full potential with an Internet service that is disappearing? Both service providers are woefully wanting in their delivery levels.

During the course of the day, the service is more down than up. Why is it that our utilities – Internet access, telephone, water and light are low on deliverables yet exorbitant in costs?

Accountability must now be demanded. What forms of regulations and sanctions are going to be instituted ? Please, Minister Fayval Williams, your intervention is needed.

On another note, thank you, Minister Alando Terrelonge for being an advocate for the battered and slain girls and women in this country. Male toxicity is not to be laughed or scoffed at. It is a disease plaguing our menfolk.

It needs to be seriously looked at and addressed. The murder rate of our females is an indictment on us.

A nation killing its women and children is a dying one.

Andrea Dunk