Wed | Apr 8, 2020

Letter of the Day | That rotten apple

Published:Monday | February 24, 2020 | 12:16 AM


I am almost sure that the current US ambassador to Jamaica is aware of the rotten apple saying: Rotten to the core.

Indeed, any who sees an apple that even shows signs of rot immediately assumes that this is not for eating. Of course, the fish market vendor will say that none of his/her wares are rotten, even if one or part thereof is giving an unpleasant scent. I have never been to a local fish market without getting a foul smell.

So when this gentleman comes accusing the NIA executive director that he was accusing the Holness administration of being corrupt, it is then I realise that someone has their head up the proverbial rear end.

Even if one member of the cabinet is corrupt, that is a disaster, because we expect the prime minister to be able to find decent persons to form the Government. Andrew Holness now has two ministers of government who have had to resign in SHAME and DISGRACE.

What I find funny is that the prime minister was recently at the Clarendon South East by election launch, with one of the outcasts giving a speech. The same prime minister who says he has no place for corruption has a minister who had to resign on his campaign trail.

But maybe I have it wrong still: you can have even the devil on your campaign team, once he is not in the Cabinet.

So my evaluation is that the US ambassador is just an old fogey that the Donald sent down to this sh*thole country to mislead our people who, themselves, will do anything to maintain and/or get a US visa. Well, they can keep their questionable visa issue practice because I will not be selling my soul that way.

Mark Trought