Wed | Apr 1, 2020

Violence in schools creating war zones

Published:Monday | February 24, 2020 | 12:15 AM


The current situation with the level of violence in schools is really heartrending. We will have to formulate a system to combat the mayhem, which has been creating an unstable environment for teachers and students alike.

The future cannot be redirected if strict measures are not put in place to turn these troubled schools from war zones into hubs for teaching and learning.

Because of the disparity in the levels of discipline which exists, we will have to equip our teachers to perform in these unfortunate conditions. With many misguided and delinquents taking the centre stage, we will have to work twice as hard to correct these unbecoming situations.

Finding another way

The age of authentic pedagogy, which the schoolrooms needs so desperately, is a dying virtue which is constantly eluding those in the school system. Students are at fault and teachers are at fault, too; so there has to be a better way out of these despicable, mind-boggling situations.

These classrooms are, in some instances, not conducive to teaching and learning for us to get the best out of the tutors and the children. When these misdirected students are on the prowl, there is absolutely nothing school the authority can do to quell these situations when they are really disruptive and cares nil. What we need to do as persons in the system, is to trust in our integrity and try and play a fair game for the betterment of all stakeholders.

The classroom is a very hostile environment for all and sundry. So, we will have to try creative and innovative mechanisms to meet the misdirected students, who call themselves untouchables in terms of conforming to school rules.

The disruption of our schools due to students who will not conform to the rules of the schools is the most unconquered situation within school precincts.

Draconian measures have to be put in place to avert this dangerous trend.

Notwithstanding what has been said earlier, we will have to undertake case studies of what causes these students to adopt temper tantrums and be disruptive.

Paris Taylor