Sun | Sep 27, 2020

The resurgence of the Keith Clarke saga

Published:Tuesday | February 25, 2020 | 12:23 AM
Keith Clarke
Keith Clarke


After an almost 10-year hiatus, there seems to be a resurgence of tsunamic magnitude of the matter pertaining to the questionable circumstances surrounding the unfortunate death of Keith Clarke. One of the lessons to take away from all of this is that it seems nigh impossible for the poor to get justice in Jamaica, if the status quo remains unchanged.

From all indications, it appeared that Keith Clarke was from a familial background that is politically, economically and socially connected. The fact that he is from a prominent and influential family would have caused him to be in a position where he would have known the right people (have some links), one would imagine.

Now, almost a decade since his tragic demise, allegedly at the hands of three Jamaica Defence Force soldiers, that matter has just taken a long-overdue preliminary step on the trek to justice.

If it is that travailing for a man of Keith Clarke’s calibre and stature to get justice, then wouldn’t it be plausible to infer that the chances of the ordinary, penurious ‘Joe Bloke’ (who has no links, and lives in a hovel along a gully bank) to get justice would be analogous to cleaning the mythical Augean stables using a mop and bucket?