Fri | Jun 5, 2020

Talkback Tuesday | Is the curfew a good idea?

Published:Wednesday | April 1, 2020 | 12:23 AM

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that from April 1-8, there will be a nightly islandwide curfew as part of the measures to contain #COVID19 in Jamaica. What are your views on this?

• The only measure that seems somewhat effective is the one China used to curb the spreading of the virus. It’s seemingly draconian but it works. Total shutdown.

– @CroftsKatey

• It’s harsh but it’s for our own safety.

– @_shenz

• The Government should have let us work in the night and stay home during the day.

– @tammyislandgirl_

• I’m in agreement with the curfew but I also think more needs to be done during the day. Not necessarily a curfew at this time but more enforcement of the other measures. Persons still gather in large groups; taxis are still overcrowded; and bars are still opened.

– @boogie_empire

• It’s a great start but I think a 14-day total lockdown of the country would have been better.

– @rucujuk

• Not enough. I see that the Government is trying to phase these regulations in, while not creating civil unrest. But tick bruk inna dem ppl yah eaz.

• This curfew should be for 24 hrs.

– @iamnubianprincess

• He’s doing what he has to do. He is trying his best ... if he puts the country on total lockdown all at once, people will still have a problem. People need to stop depending on the Government solely and play their part.

– @ Roxanne Simpson

• It’s a distraction. The disease will move as it will. Action is better than no action to save face.

– @mr.eddydaughter

• Total rubbish because after certain hours the road is dead so I don’t see the sense for a night curfew.

– @sadiepreedem60

• A nightly curfew only means that Jamaicans will pack the streets from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. From what I’ve seen, they really don’t get the concept of social distancing. A 24-hour curfew should be implemented.

– @YasinMshana