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Abrahams fails to justify knowledge of Bible

Published:Friday | July 10, 2020 | 12:15 AM


Dr Michael Abrahams is showing off his knowledge of the Bible but fails in his effort to use it to justify the dangerously ungodly beliefs that “those of us who are sceptical, and desire the truth, should be able to freely question and call out harmful beliefs without judgement and condemnation”. He has indeed judged and condemned himself by wanting to make himself a god or equal to the Sovereign God.

It appears that he doesn’t want to be accountable to God for his life and his decisions, so he seeks to argue God out of his existence.

He criticises and disrespects the Sovereign God for ordering Abraham to sacrifice his son but freely advocates and supports the murder of innocent unborn babies.

Dr Abrahams is trying hard to clear his guilty conscience, to justify his ungodly life, and to wash the innocent blood off his hands. I am sure he understands those biblical references. His confession in his article is his own judgement and condemnation.

He should go and confess his sins to God and repent so that his sins might be forgiven.