Thu | Aug 13, 2020

Please help Pisgah

Published:Saturday | July 11, 2020 | 12:08 AM


I am writing to add my voice to the calls for help for Pisgah and surrounding communities. The community of Pisgah is located approximately nine miles from popular tourist destinations YS Falls and Holland Bamboo and nestled between Ginger Hill and Springfield, which are communities that play a vital role in the farming industry.

The pineapple farmers supply their produce to major hotels and many other wholesalers throughout Jamaica. Additionally, most recently added to our diverse community is the Pisgah Pineapple Tours, which attracts tourists to the area weekly for pineapple tasting and first-hand experience of how the succulent pineapples are cultivated.

I was born and raised in Pisgah, and I am very concerned about the well-being of the people of my community.


In fact, sometime last year, a few of my relatives from South Florida took a trip to Jamaica and visited Pisgah. The word ‘embarrassment’ is an understatement to describe how we felt because of the deplorable conditions of the roads. I resolved in my heart that I would do everything in my power to bring awareness to the situation so that help can come to the community. God has truly answered my prayers as I join my fellow community members in shedding light on the road issue.

Hence, it is with a great sense of urgency that I petition the powers that be to act expeditiously in fixing the roads.

Safe roadways should be a basic necessity provided for the taxpaying residents of our community. However, the current road condition serves only as a disaster waiting to happen.

Currently, motorist and pedestrians are left with no choice but to traverse these pond-sized potholes and collapsing road banks and bridges on a daily basis. Being in the insurance, property, and casualty industry, I can say that based on my experience, it is better to mitigate a risk to prevent a loss. In other words, ‘prevention is better than cure’ – let us not wait for a life to be lost.

Mr Prime Minister, as a patriotic Jamaican, I respectfully beg you to bring your urgent attention to this matter.