Fri | Oct 23, 2020

Give Paulwell a chance, PNP

Published:Friday | September 25, 2020 | 12:06 AM


Following the loss at the polls earlier this month, the People’s National Party (PNP) has quite a bit to contemplate. It would be to their benefit to be very careful about their moves in the next few months. In addition to selecting a new leader, they should note that there is the high possibility of local government polls this year. And another wipeout looms.

Regarding the selection of a new leader, perhaps the party delegates should seriously and favourably consider Philip Paulwell. Many of us have watched his political career from the early days when he was a senator. The PNP needs his steady, measured and mature (but not old) hands to guide it through what must be troubling times.

In addition to serving creditably as a minster, Paulwell is the MP of a ‘safe seat’ which has voted solidly for the PNP since 1944. This will allow him to personally take his party’s message islandwide with ease and comfort as his winning margin is always high.

Paulwell’s humble origins will make him marketable and connectible to many sectors of society who can identify with his rise through hard work, education and determination. His background and rise to prominence is an inspiring story. Additionally, there has never been any question about his loyalty to the party over the decades.

As minister, he has made a few missteps, but no one is perfect. He can correct those mistakes.

While Paulwell is not overly charismatic, he is a good speaker. He can communicate with a wide range of persons on many and varied matters with ease and clarity. He is not a bore and certainly has enough energy and vibes (exuberance, even) to match the antics of other leaders on the political platform.

Finally, he is a safe choice for the PNP. He does not have too many gaffes which will haunt him. He chooses his words very carefully. He has been reasonably level-headed through the years and has avoided many unnecessary political squabbles.

Philip Paulwell should be given a fair chance at the presidency of the party. He has the experience and ability to lead and unify the party during this special and delicate period. Paulwell has been loyal, faithful and true.