Sun | Oct 25, 2020

Lisa Hanna has all the qualities to lead the PNP

Published:Tuesday | September 29, 2020 | 12:10 AM


The People’s National Party’s (PNP) presidential race is in full speed and there are some very bright people in the fray. The forerunners are Damion Crawford, Peter Bunting, Julian Robinson, Mikael Phillips, Phillip Paulwell, Mark Golding, but the front runner is Lisa Hanna. The delegates should choose their candidates wisely without making a fracas for leadership again. If the party should lose traction and take retrograde steps in the immediate future, it would be very detrimental for them.

From my perspective, Lisa Hanna is well positioned to be the new president. Hanna is intelligent, articulate, young, pretty, healthy, diplomatic, with leadership skills which are fully in tune with current world issues. These are relevant attributes to be the president of the party. She is a people person and will be a strong advocate for children’s and women’s rights reform, plus the human rights of people in general. Her debating skills are sheer brilliance and will make us proud in any international forum.

Hanna is very strong on social media and will be in touch with the people in low-tide and high-tide. In this case, she will be in touch with the youth, who are very relevant and important. PNP needs to infuse fresh blood and Hanna can be the leader to make that happen.