Fri | Dec 4, 2020

Clear gullies of garbage

Published:Friday | October 30, 2020 | 12:07 AM


When the British built the gully system in Jamaica it was not for beautification, it was to prevent flooding. Dumping garbage in the gully system and installing tiny drains is like trying to drive a huge truck in a narrow lane. The gully system works in conjunction with the drainage systems.

Have the people in charge ever analysed how much water runs through the gullies when it rains? Do they really think all that water can go down a tiny drain? There must be more thought put into the new developments, they are not merely for beautification, there needs to be serious consideration about how these developments will be during the rainy season. Further, the gullies need to be cleared of all the garbage, and serious thought given to the design and sizes of the connecting drains.