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Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | November 27, 2020 | 12:05 AM
Security personnel at a checkpoint on Mountain View Avenue in east Kingston.
Security personnel at a checkpoint on Mountain View Avenue in east Kingston.

Jamaica’s murder tally is now slightly behind the comparable period last year. We asked our followers if they would support the reimposition of states of public emergency (SOE) as part of the crime-containment strategy.

“COVID and the restrictions around containing it have caused the SLIGHT dip. It’s obvious that the SOEs do not work. Government needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with a long-term and comprehensive plan. What are all the technocrats and high-ranking officers for?”

– @gerald2dg

“Yes, as a short-term measure. No real progress on crime will be achieved until the proceeds of crime and anti-gang legislation are successfully enforced. Unexplained-wealth legislation is something urgently needed as well.”

– @christez

“This strategy has been exhausted enough. It is clear that this strategy is and will always serve as band-aid. Addressing the root causes of crime and violence in this country will require an upstream-thinking approach(crime/violence is only the symptom).”

– @IamKetiesha

“Aren’t we already under an overused one with these COVID-19 measures?” – @SuperKat47

“Jamaica needs an islandwide CCTV system, with a central monitoring system put in place. Most of these gruesome murders go unsolved!” – @MsStarJB

“Yes, the other plans are not working fast enough. The people of Jamaica need to get involved in the crime-solving strategy, police alone can’t fight ‘n win against these criminals!” – @st_western

“Yes. I have seen where it has worked.” – @Shanoya14

“Yes, today, not tomorrow. Crime is a disease that needs to be treated.” – @DezlowjaLowe

“No, SOEs as a crime-fighting tool is unconstitutional.”

– @HughAnthonyReid

“As we inconvenience the ordinary, law-abiding citizen, take away their rights for the so-called good with spot check. roadblocks, the hardcore criminals hop, skip and jump around them. With lazy policing and corrupt members, we are basically worse off for the future.”

– @wackiedon

“States of public emergency is not a crime-solving measure. This Government and the previous ones have failed Jamaica. They have implemented NO real social-intervention programmes that can combat the pervading sense of desperation and hopelessness that leads youths to crime and gang activity.” – @A1Goodas

“Murder rate is down, so there is no justification for it to return, unless y’all want it to go up.” – @sirlobby

“What we need is for the police and soldiers to search for the guns and stop hold off corners. They must have metal detectors and sniffer dogs.” – @Andrewtrodalone