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Readers’ reactions to ‘Help coming for women-beaters’

Published:Saturday | November 28, 2020 | 12:11 AM

When these women come to make a complaint, give the men a warning if its verbal and not serious. If they press charges, follow through. Although, at times, these women want to withdraw, still follow through.

– McIntyre Pauline

However, woman-beaters, especially the HABITUAL ones should also be ARRESTED and CHARGED if necessary, in my opinion.

– Trevor Coore Sr

Not saying men should not face punishment for wrongdoing, but any sensible person can see that not all should be assigned to the rubbish heap.

– Rusty O Dread

I hardly ever see the root of a matter addressed in Jamaica, if at all. Great move. Let’s see more of it.

– Derville Lowe

This is the key to stopping domestic violence. Minister Grange is on the right track!

– Susanne Fredricks

Deal with the weak fences harshly! Many of them who batter women can’t challenge another man.

– Maureen McLeod

And what is the help for the women that are being beaten and battered? No help for the victims?

– Julian Simpson

My opinion has always been to send them to war. Gunmen and men who abuse women. Send them to fight these wars in Iraq and those places, since they want to be big and tough

– Anisha Yolanda Clayton

What about the woman wah beat dem man.

– Shawn Omariio

Educate them, illiteracy is the main cause.

– Jstar Suave

This is the best news I have heard for the five years of this Government

– Dahlia Duncan

It certainly took a while for the Jamaican Government to acknowledge that domestic violence is out of control in the island. The abusers are a bunch of cowards who want control, but bring nothing to the table. Now, this is one scenario where I would endorse the death penalty.

– Susan Johnson

• Studies indicate that women initiate most of the intimate-partner violence, so both women and men need help.

– Bruce Smith

• Everything, them blame man. Crime, them say its lack of fatherhood in the home. Poverty, it’s because the men don’t want work. The point is, it’s not to be seen as a gender issue. Men should not beat women, but women must also know that respect goes a long way and, if you don’t want a man, don’t take his hard-earned money or things.

– Martin Spleen

• Bring back morals to the family. Only then will most of these problems be fixed.

– Fully Black

• They will never stop woman-beaters in Jamaica. That’s me talking reality.

– Augustus Hinds

Responses sourced from Gleaner’s Facebook page