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Should men hold their woman’s handbag?

Published:Thursday | April 26, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Some are okay with it while others are totally against it. An act that women find so thoughtful and endearing, is in reality, repulsed by some of their male counterparts. So we uncovered the mystery and took the discussion to some of our readers. We asked a few men what they thought about holding their woman's handbag. Do you have a problem with it: yes or no? And why? Here are the responses: 

"No I don't mind. I actually enjoy doing that. I guess I’m not the kind that worry if someone sees me carrying it. I'm comfortable in my own skin." - R.M., 35, in a relationship.

"Yes, I have a big problem with it, because it's her bag and it's not a good look for me to be walking around with my woman's purse. I'm her man, not her boy or butler. A purse is designed to identify with a woman and for me to be parading around in it at my woman's whim, makes me look whipped. I can be a gentleman and a good man without carrying my lady's purse." - D.S., 28, engaged.

"I have no problem with that whatsoever. I do have an issue entering the bag though. So each time she asks me to get something from it, I carry the whole dang bag to her. It's how I was raised, a man has no business inside a woman's purse." - J.M., 28, in a relationship.

"No I don't. There must be a reason I'm holding it. I wouldn't just hold it for holding it sake. Whether it is that she is doing something like carrying another item, I can hold the bag for her or something of the sort, I'll take her bag." - M.M., 25, in a relationship. 

"Why would I have a problem holding her bag? Worse if she's my woman? I'll throw it over my shoulder too: It's called being a gentleman." - M.S., 32, in a relationship.

"You're basically doing a man's job by holding it for her. Taking her bag and carrying it like her: that's where the problem lies. But otherwise, there's nothing wrong with holding her bag." - A.M., 27, married.

"No, there wouldn’t be a problem because she’s my woman and its natural for me to help her by carrying her bag. If I don't, someone else will and I’m not having that." - R.H., 23, single.

"No way! As in I have no problem because she is my lady and if the bag is a bit uncomfortable for her and I can assist, I don't think it should be a problem." - K.A., 25, single.

"No I don’t have a problem, as long as she is around. If not, I don't want people to think it's mine." S.H., 23, in a relationship. 

"Yes I do have a problem with it: it's a called woman's bag. Holding it for a time for her to do something is not an issue, but I will not travel with it." - K.C., 38, married.

"It depends on the length of time. So I can hold your bag while you look for something, but not to the point where it looks like the bag belongs to me. I just don't like walking around with the load, I don't even own a wallet. Have you seen the bags women carry? There is no comfortable way to walk around with that. Why your handbag become my responsibility? She should have left it at home if she can't bother carrying it." - M.R., 30, in a relationship.

"I do have a problem holding my girlfriend’s bag. I was actually taught, growing up with my mother, not to do it. In certain circumstances, if it has to be done, I will do it. But it isn't a common practice for me." - C.H., 26, single.