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Senior attorney warns young lawyers against scamming clients

Published:Friday | December 18, 2015 | 12:00 AMBarbara Gayle, Justice Coordinator

The Immediate past president of the Jamaican Bar Association, Ian Wilkinson, is warning newly appointed lawyers, to avoid the get-rich mentality and not become involved in scamming their clients for individual benefit. 

Wilkinson, a Queen's Counsel, told the lawyers yesterday that his reference to scamming was not just limited to the illicit trans-border lottery scamming featuring Jamaicans. 

He told the junior attorneys that scamming is synonymous to dishonesty and that they should be careful of the clients with whom they get involved. 

According to Wilkinson, new members of the bar should live within their means and not engage in criminal acts to get expensive material things such as cars. 

He explained that the people who own such motor vehicles have either inherited money or paid their dues having worked hard.

Wilkinson called for the new lawyers to improve the justice system to serve their fellow Jamaicans. 

More than 200 lawyers were called to the Bar this month.

Chief Justice Zaila McCalla presided over the ceremonies in the Supreme Court in Kingston, which lasted over four days.