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Food for the Poor heads to Portland to help flood victims

Published:Tuesday | April 26, 2016 | 9:44 AM
A grocery shop dangerously perched on the edge, overlooking the Rio Grande.

A team from Food for the Poor is expected to visit Portland today to offer help to persons affected by heavy rainfall in recent days.

They are looking to assist three residents of Mill Bank in the Rio Grande Valley, whose homes were ravaged by the rains.

The charity will, determine whether lands occupied by the three persons, Owen Campbell, Horace Palmer, and Kemisha Kilburne, are owned by them and suitable for construction.

Campbell says he is happy to learn of news that he will be visited by the Organisation.

He shares that he and his wife suffer from chronic illnesses including hypertension and diabetes and that they received food supplies yesterday, which will go a far way in easing their worries.

Campbell reportedly lost a substantial amount of money when a massive land slide demolished his house less than thirty seconds after he, his wife and their six-year-old grandchild exited the building Thursday evening.

Meanwhile, a team from the Rural Agriculture Development Authority yesterday visited dozens of farmers in Seaman's Valley and Cornwall Barracks to view their farms, which were ravaged when the nearby Rio Grande overflowed its banks.