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Artist impresses with handmade greeting cards

Published:Wednesday | January 3, 2018 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist
Jamaican-themed, hand-made greeting cards produced by Dwayne Hamilton.
Artist Dwayne Hamilton
Jamaican-themed, hand-made greeting cards produced by Dwayne Hamilton.
Jamaican-themed, hand-made greeting cards produced by Dwayne Hamilton.

Ocho Rios-based artist Dwayne Hamilton has made a strategic shift from producing pointillism pieces to creating beautiful, Jamaican-themed, handmade greeting cards that have impressed many persons.

"I've been doing greeting cards for a while on my website, but, last year, I started creating Jamaican-themed cards and they're going good," Hamilton told Rural Xpress.

"Previously, I specialised in pointillism, so, I was using mostly pens; but persons have been telling me they want more Jamaican stuff. So, since 2017 I've been doing water colour; and that's strictly Jamaican-themed stuff like hummingbird, doctor bird, parrot, flowers."

The artist said based on the price of the pointillism pieces, which sell for up to $15,000, he started seeking cheaper items in order to capture a piece of the art-loving market.

His decision to do greeting cards has now put him in line with the multibillion-dollar global cards and gifts market. Coupled with that, tourism is big business in Jamaica and targeting that market is one way of moving his products.

The cards come in several themes, including Bon Voyage, Thank You, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Newly Wed, Christmas, and Thank You. They come with hand-written verses created by Hamilton.




Reactions to the cards have Hamilton beaming and brimming with the confidence that he can establish a sustainable business in the field.

"It's all good feedback. Everybody say they love them, they love the creativity, they love the uniqueness; these are handmade, unique Jamaican cards," he said. "The feedback is mind-blowing; everybody say they love them, they love the verses, they love the designs, they love the messages, everything about them."

And as if to prove his point, passers-by who saw the cards while Rural Xpress was conducting the interview, stopped to look at them and actually made purchases.

"I see where I can make a good business out of this. I just started in 2017, I'm still in the survey mode and the feedback is fabulous so far."

Hamilton can be reached on social media at Dwayne Hamilton artist.