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‘Man of God’ says he is on a mission to warn the people

Published:Sunday | September 22, 2019 | 12:06 AM
Neco Williams, more popularly known as ‘Man of God’.
Neco Williams, more popularly known as ‘Man of God’.

Mandeville, Manchester :

Clad in robes of white, red, or yellow and chanting messages he says he receives from God, in the town of Mandeville and across sections of Jamaica, is what Neco Williams, more popularly known as ‘Man of God’ or ‘Prophet’, is most known for.

Some consider him to be mentally unstable while others heed his warnings, having seen happenings he has spoken of come to light.

His actions and utterances spark much debate, and a number of people say how things unfold is simply coincidence, but others believe it is prophetic.

“In 2002, at the age of 22, the Lord transformed my life. He called me. One morning, I got up and I heard the voice of God say to me that the Devil is trying to trap me by tempting me fornicate with a woman. But God gave me power to conquer that.”

Williams said in that very same year, God gave him charge to not only spread the gospel, heal the sick, and send a warning in Jamaica, but also in the Caribbean.

“In Jamaica, God send me to hospitals across the country. He took me to Bahamas, where some persons had cancer, and the Lord used me there, and the persons received healing. He sent me to Antigua some time after where a storm was coming. The people didn’t heed the warning, and the day after God told me to book my flight to Jamaica is the day the storm came.”

Williams claimed that he was sent to Cayman Islands in April of this year to stop an earthquake. He said because of the people of God there who are obedient and continue to preach about God’s Kingdom, the country was spared.

“God is good, and He has been good over the years, and when He sends the messages, I write them down in a book. I receive messages for people, companies, schools, churches. I go into the Mandeville Market. People who are demon possessed, God called me to go and release them.”

Williams, who attends the Mandeville and Waltham Seventh-Day Adventist Churches, once had his mother and sister alongside him in the streets, but he says that he and his sister are the only ones in the family now able to continue the ministry.

Almost lost his freedom

The ‘Prophet’ said that a few years ago, he received one of his biggest messages and almost lost his freedom.

“In 2016, the Lord told me that a plane would crash, but He did not reveal the airline to me. In 2017, he told me to cease all travels, and He told me that a Canadian airline would crash. I went to the Norman Manley International Airport. The anointing was on me so much, I ran through the airport, and when I bawled out the message, about 24 police came to arrest me.”

He continued: “In 24 hours, they released me. They found out that something was wrong with the engine in the plane, and glory to God, they cancelled the flight.”

Williams said there are a lot of tough souls out there all over in the world, but God is calling on persons to repent.

“God is coming so soon. And a lot of people believe in what I share. Anything that God reveals to me, I cannot help but share it. I am not a mad man; I am not an obeah man. I am doing the Lord’s work and if I, for once, decide that I am not going to do something He tells me to, He punishes me.”

“Just last week, God showed me that He is so near and a lot of people are wasting time. A lot of young people are not building an altar for God. The Bible says, ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added on to you’. No matter what, the word of God stands, and I am living for Him.”

Williams said it is important that we remember the poor among us and stop playing hypocrites.

“It nuh make no sense you dress up Saturday and Sunday, gone a church and not doing the Lord’s work. Some people are suffering and others have the money and nah help. In December, the Lord says He wants me to help the needy. Me alone cannot do it, but I am trusting God to send His people to help.

“People have tried to kill me while on my missions, but God has never failed me yet, and He continues to keep me,” he ended.