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THE CALLING: Markino Fearon finds his true purpose

Published:Sunday | November 24, 2019 | 12:06 AMTamara Bailey - Sunday Gleaner writer
Markino Fearon
Markino Fearon

Mandeville, Manchester:

He explored the fields of journalism, sports and theatre arts, but over time, theology student Markino Fearon said that he could not deny the call of God on his life, and he had to do the Lord’s bidding.

He was always the ‘church boy’, attending services at different churches with members of his family. But, there was a dark period in his life and he never truly understood it until God took him out of it.

“One of the greatest challenges I faced was communicating with my biological father, who had been living overseas. His physical absence while growing up led me into a state of depression, and though individuals such as my grandfather, uncle, guardian, and my ever-praying mother, tried their best to facilitate the process, the desire to see my father was still prevalent.”


Fearon said that he became a known troublemaker in primary and high schools, and many had turned their backs on him.

“At this point, the only persons to consistently showed interest in my well-being and personal development were my mother, coach, guardian, and a few church members, and so, despite the negativity and doubt from other persons within my internal and external circle, the thought of being a minister remained. My daCosta Cup coach at the time played a vital role in helping me realise that my dream could be a reality.”

The young preacher said that he understood the power of prayer through his mother, who prayed unceasingly for him and the restoration of his faith.

“My involvement in ministry started from a very tender age, as I had a passion for preaching. This led me to write sermons which I would preach to my immediate family daily in the comfort of my home. I remember hosting an unofficial preaching series in my yard, and as a result, my neighbour stated his interest in wanting to be a member of the church.”

He added that though he was equally gifted in the areas previously stated, he didn’t feel as complete doing them in comparison to preaching the word of truth to a dying world.

“It is for this reason, I believe, that God has called me into ministry. I want people to come to the realisation that scientists are now alluding to what would have already been written in the Bible. If science can prove the word of God to be true, then it means God is true. It is my desire for people to have a personal walk with our heavenly Father and live accordingly to His principles, in preparation for the place God has gone to prepare for us.”