Sun | Apr 5, 2020

More delays in high-profile Shrewsbury murder case

Published:Thursday | February 20, 2020 | 12:27 AMChristopher Thomas/Gleaner Writer


The case against Constables Kenroy Hines and Damane Campbell, the two policemen charged with murder arising from the 2013 shooting deaths of three relatives in Shrewsbury, Westmoreland, has been set for February 28 to facilitate discussions between their lawyers and the prosecution ahead of the start of their trial.

Hines and Campbell, who were charged with murder in the deaths of brothers Andrew and Triston Brydson, and their cousin, Kingsley Green, got the new date and had their bail extended when they appeared before High Court Justice Sharon George in the Trelawny Circuit Court yesterday.

During the court proceedings, Campbell’s attorney, Peter Champagnie, told George that he and Hines’ lawyer, Valerie Neita-Robinson, intended to hold additional talks with their clients and the prosecution on the planned number of trial witnesses.

“My friend, Mrs Neita-Robinson, is saying she would wish to have dialogue with me and the accused persons, and long before the next trial date, we would have an agreement in terms of the statements (to be used at the trial),” said Champagnie.

“In the interim, I’d propose that if we could meet just one day next week, then we could indicate that these are the persons (witnesses) we have agreed on,” said Champagnie.

Lead prosecutor Maxine Dennis-McPherson told the court that the trial would face delay as documents relating to the forensic results were not ready, and the witness, who is to give forensic testimony, would not be available.

George subsequently set the matter for mention on February 28 to facilitate Champagnie’s requested discussions.

The case’s progression to trial has been deferred three times since it was initially set for November 14, 2018. It has also faced several other setbacks dating as far back as March 7, 2014, including several absences of the defence attorneys despite the prosecution’s readiness to start the matter.

The Brydson brothers and Green were killed on March 15, 2013, by members of a police team who reported that the men had engaged them in a shoot-out.

However, the police’s account was strongly rejected by the men’s relatives and other residents, who mounted roadblocks across three parishes while demanding justice.