Mon | Nov 30, 2020

‘It is mine!’ - Newport New Testament Church inspires reclamation at Convention 2020

Published:Sunday | March 8, 2020 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey - Sunday Gleaner writer
Photos by Pastor Kirk Davis delivering the Word at the Newport New Testament Church during their District Convention 2020.
Pastor Kirk Davis delivering the Word at the Newport New Testament Church during their District Convention 2020.
Pastor Kirk Davis delivering the Word at the Newport New Testament Church during their District Convention 2020.

Newport, Manchester:

It is so easy to become despondent when we experience great losses or terrible consequences from decisions we may have made in the past. But pastor of the Blenheim and Prattville New Testament churches Kirk Davis declares that God always has the power to reposition us, renew us, and put us even further in favour than we ever thought we could be.

Speaking at the 2020 convention service at the Newport New Testament Church last Sunday, March 1, Davis said: “The subtheme strongly proposes a statement. In fact, it is an expression that shows a possessive pronoun, what we call ownership. ‘It is mine’ is a statement usually accompanied by possessive attitude. You need to say, ‘Devil, whatever you have taken from me, I am declaring that it is mine, and I am coming for it in Jesus’ name’.”

He continued, “In Samuel 1, we see where David was anointed but not yet appointed to serve as king over Israel. In chapter 30 (of Samuel), Saul was still serving, but Saul, in all his dominion and power, missed the mark. He messed up his anointing, and as such, he became God’s rejected. He realised that in a matter of time, David would become his successor, and he felt threatened and wanted to kill David … .”

Davis said that with the imminent change, Saul developed an evil agenda, and David fled and formed an alliance with the enemy, forgetting that he had been anointed to serve.

“David came to the consensus that in order to live, he had to flee. But he made a bad decision. My first point to the church is the effect of a bad decision. David’s decision was so bad that he made an alliance with the enemy of the church. [A] bad decision is performing a task that you know, deep within yourself, is wrong, but you still do it,” he said.

He said that much like David, people of God are making bad decisions, not remembering who God is and the power He holds.


“Lot made a bad decision and ended up in Sodom, Jonah made a bad decision and ended up in the belly of a whale, Sampson made a bad decision when he fell for Delilah. Who is having an affair with a married man – bad decision; the leaders of the church who treat their spouses aggressively and poorly - bad decision; to every congregant who feels like you married the wrong partner – bad decision; to the woman who, in her teenage years, committed abortion – bad decision; to the womaniser - bad decision,” he continued.

The preacher added that although we have messed up our consecration, God does not hold us to the things of the past once we come to Him with a remorseful heart.

He said: “To those who have been living with inside turmoil because of the decisions of the past, I have news for you. God says to tell you, ‘I count not myself to have apprehended, but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth on to things which are before.’ Press along, saints of God. I am pressing on the upward way; new heights I am gaining every day!”

Minister Davis said that bad decisions often lead to an encounter with God, which is needed for true deliverance.

“For far too long, people have been hiding under the umbrella of ‘church’ without having an encounter. Praise God in your season, trust in God, and tell yourself that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Tell yourself, ‘I am a child of God’. Tell yourself that ‘I shall not die but live and declare the words of the Lord’.”

He said that much like a computer that has been placed in recovery mode before an antivirus software run is done, God’s people are in recovery mode, waiting for the help of God to take back what the devil has stolen from them.

“The devil has taken my wife, my children, my finances, my worship, but I am in recovery mode. There is a miracle in this room with my name on it. To everyone, you have already won,” he ended.