Wed | Aug 12, 2020

God has spoken!

Published:Sunday | April 19, 2020 | 12:00 AMBishop Grace O. Ade-Gold - Contributor
Bishop Grace O. Ade-Gold

Amid the global upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic, God woke me up about a month ago and referred me to page 57 of the book titled The Treasure Hunters: Overcomers Hunting for Revival, which I authored in 2017. In this book, God spoke prophetically through the late Bishop Dr Joseph Ade-Gold in 1998 that a time would come when people from every nation would cry for help and that the cry would be led by the Chinese.

Now, with regard to President Trump preparing to deport some Jamaicans, this is what page 215 of that book says about what was prophesied in our 2010-11 Watch Night Service at Overcomers World Ministries, now Arise Shine Apostolic and Deliverance Ministries. God made declarations profoundly through the late bishop: “The Government of this nation shall face challenges and more challenges. Tell them to create refuge, refuge, refuge, for the time shall come, many shall become homeless. Prepare refuge places …, for I have decreed a time for this nation, and many shall be homeless. Prepare, prepare, prepare, My people.”

He also prophesied saying: “Church, get ready, for many shall run to you. They will call on the name of the Lord. I will listen … . I will show myself. Shepherds have failed the poor. They dressed up and designed themselves as rulers, prophesying through flesh, running after fame ... . I am about to shake shepherds. They have grown beards – pride and arrogance… .”

In addition, He rebuked Christians: “…anointed people [who] act like rats running after the crumbs, grasshoppers running after the crumbs, leaving the real for the crumbs. My people, why have you come so low? Stand, stand, arise, arise. I have prepared My table …. Can’t you turn from apostles that I have not chosen?”

Many other prophetic messages have been uttered in this nation and around the world. Some are currently unfolding, and many are yet to be revealed. This is the word of the Lord.

God instructed me in a vision to give a copy of this book, as well as the book entitled Spiritual Warfare & Intercession, Abridged Edition (a vision about the prime minister and the nation), to both the prime minister and the governor general in August 2018. These were delivered to their offices.

God also instructed me to declare February 22, 2020, a Spiritual Warfare Day – to send people to the gate of every parish to pull down strongholds, cleanse the parishes of all the evil that has taken over, and to cover the parishes with the blood of Jesus because something was about to happen. Only a few people responded to the call. If we had come out in our numbers, the impact of the coronavirus would have been greatly minimised.