Fri | Aug 7, 2020

Hanover JPs want to construct cenotaph in Lucea

Published:Friday | July 10, 2020 | 12:10 AMBryan Miller/Gleaner Writer
A cenotaph erected in memory of World War veterans in St Ann's Bay.
A cenotaph erected in memory of World War veterans in St Ann's Bay.

Western Bureau:

A move, spearheaded by justices of the peace (JPs) is now being made to construct a cenotaph in Lucea, the capital of Hanover, in recognition of the Jamaican servicemen of the past, especially those who served in the two world wars.

The Hanover Justices of the Peace Association and Hanover Custos Dr David Stair, are working together with the Jamaica Legion, and the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) to have the monument constructed. A remembrance service is held every November to honour the past uniformed men and women of the country, who are memorialised by wreaths being laid in their honour.

A cenotaph is a tomb-like monument, which is created in the form of gravesite to mark a symbol final resting place for persons who have fallen in battle and have been interred elsewhere.

According to Stair, this project has been attempted in the past by other groups and organisations, but he believes that this time around, the project seems headed for successful completion.

Stair said that the location identified for the construction of the cenotaph in previous attempts was not ideal, and so the project came to a halt. He said that The Church of England, in Lucea, has donated land space which seems ideal for the construction of the cenotaph this time around.


“This (plan to construct a cenotaph) has been going on for years. It has come up at various times,” said Stair. “At one time, even at the council (Hanover Municipal Corporation) level. I heard that some funds were put aside to construct it in the Lucea town square, but things changed, administrations changed, and a lot of things go out the door when those changes take place.”

According to the custos, Hanover is one of only two parishes that do not have an official cenotaph to commemorate the sacrifices made by Jamaican servicemen in the two world wars

“The Jamaica Legion and the JDF will be playing a major role in the implementation of the project, and the Hanover Municipal Corporation will be approached for its guidance and assistance,” said Stair. “Eventually, some of the businesses in the parish might be approached for their assistance towards the construction of the monument.”

Custos Stair said he is confident that the Hanover cenotaph should be in place in the parish capital, Lucea, by the latter part of this year, considering the importance of having such a monument.