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Rehab centre operating illegally in Hanover

Published:Sunday | November 22, 2020 | 7:57 AMBryan Miller/Hanover Correspondent

Western Bureau:

The Hanover Municipal Corporation (HMC) has asked the parish’s health department to take immediate steps to close down a rehabilitation centre, which is said to be operating illegally in the Chigwell and Rejoin areas of Hanover Eastern, with some 68 persons being housed under unfavourable conditions.

According to information which came up at Thursday’s monthly meeting of the HMC, it was revealed that the rehabilitation centre that was formerly located in Greenwood, St James, moved to Hanover without any permission given by the local authorities.

“Its three locations, two are in Chigwell, where one is an old shop with 10 persons, which is not secured. In the other location in Chigwell, 17 persons are there, and the third location is in Rejoin. It is a disaster waiting to happen and should not be tolerated in the parish,” said Neika Edram, the inspector of poor in Hanover. “None of the facilities are being operated in a way that is conducive to good healthcare.”

Edram, who was delivering her monthly report to the HMC, said she has spoken to the proprietor of the facility, pointing out the many breaches. She said the proprietor promised to make the requisite improvements.

While stating that he has been notified about the facility, Lucea’s Mayor Sheridan Samuels expressed alarm and concern about the operation of the facility, while questioning how it was moved from one parish to another without any proper licence and notification being given to the relevant authorities.


“I think some inspection has to be done. We are in COVID situation now, and if we have 41 persons living in a two-bedroom house this is serious,” said Samuels. “This thing needs to be seriously investigated.”

Patricia Patterson, the chief public health inspector for Hanover, informed the meeting that the facility and its condition was brought to the attention of her department, and officers from the health department, accompanied by the police, made a visit to the location. She said another visit is planned.

A decision was taken that the relevant departments at the HMC should take the necessary steps, in collaboration with the health department and the police, to deal with the matter urgently.

Checks by The Gleaner have revealed that the residents of the two districts are upset that so many mentally ill persons have been brought to their communities and are roaming around freely.